Quality by Design.

Our goal is to produce beautiful, quality accessories that never go out of fashion. They’re designed to be kept, to be worthy of a place in your wardrobe, for many years to come. 

Read on to discover how we aim to achieve this and what it means for you.


Enduring Designs.

The design process is long (and occasionally frustrating). The goal is always to produce designs with an everlasting quality – designs that are modern…but could possibly be vintage.

Colours are selected to either complement or contrast key pieces of clothing; the staple items of a woman’s wardrobe. We avoid colours that are in this season, because we know they’ll be out the next.

Designing for longevity is a pain-staking process, it requires finding the right balance between too much design, and too little. The process is worth it to create designs that are exceptionally wearable.


Our Partners.

Right from the start we made a conscious decision not to follow the path of almost all brands nowadays who choose to manufacture in a low-cost country. Instead we’ve chosen to partner with specialist manufacturers in Italy and Germany; all are multi-generational family businesses focussing on quality and craftsmanship. There is no doubt it costs much more to produce each item but the benefits, in terms of quality and environmental and social responsibility, are well worth it.

Each of our partners has devoted themselves to producing one product, handing that knowledge down from one generation to the next. To say they are experts in their field is something of an understatement. They manufacture products of incredibly quality and allow us to produce very limited quantities of each item.

Working with these established family businesses operating in Italy and Germany, where labour and environmental laws are robust, gives us confidence that their staff and the environment are treated with respect.

We’ll be sharing their stories in the weeks and months ahead.


Raw Materials.

We believe that when it comes to the choice of raw materials, man-made is no match for mother nature. That’s why we only use natural materials; cashmere, wool, silk and leather.

We believe that natural materials are nicer to wear than synthetics and if cared for properly they’ll get better with age. Put simply, you’ll enjoy wearing them more and as a result, they’re more likely to be kept, worn and cherished into the future.

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