Carmine check cashmere scarf rolled made in Germany
Carmine check cashmere scarf close up made in Germany
Carmine check cashmere scarf held made in Germany
Carmine check cashmere scarf texture made in Germany

Carmine Check

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100% Cashmere. Made in Germany. 40x180cm.


"The softest thing I have ever felt in my life." Lucy Revill

Cashmere is the finest, softest and warmest wool found in nature. Each fibre is about 1/6th as fine as a human hair and comes from the underbelly of goats living in the extreme cold of Mongolia and northern China.

Each year in spring the goats moult and the fine downy undercoat is combed away. That fibre is cashmere.

We work with a fourth-generation family business in eastern Bavaria who have specialised in the production of scarves since 1880.


Please avoid rough surfaces and avoid jewellery that may snag the fabric. When not being worn, please keep your scarf folded in a cool, dry place and have it professionally dry-cleaned when required.

A characteristic of natural fibres is that, from time to time, small imperfections may be apparent. These should be considered part of the natural charm of the fibre.