Tan Leather Gloves
Tan Leather Gloves
Tan Leather Gloves
Leather gloves cashmere lined made in Italy how to find correct size

Tan Leather Gloves

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Leather lined with Cashmere. Made in Italy.


"Jewel toned and buttery soft." Megan Blenkarne @modeandmethodolgy


Nappa leather lined with cashmere is an ideal combination for gloves; the leather is supple and resilient, while the knitted cashmere lining is fine yet warm.

Our fourth-generation glove-maker has produced gloves since 1860, in the southern city of Naples.

Gloves are sized in half-inch increments. Simply measure around your dominant hand (whichever hand you write with) in line with the knuckles.

Gloves should be snug (but not tight) to begin with and will stretch a little over time.


Please avoid getting your gloves wet. If they do get wet, dry them flat at room temperature, never use heat to dry them.

Just like leather shoes, leather gloves will last much longer if they have a day to rest between wearing. Care for them and they’ll last many years.