About Us

Kept. Our name is a statement of intent, it reflects our values in a single word.

We design beautiful accessories, made to the highest standards from the finest raw materials. They’re designed to be kept, to be worthy of a place in your wardrobe, for many years to come. 


Who We Are.

We are Justine, Jonathon and Brian. We all met in Christchurch many years ago, where Brian continues to reside. Justine and Jonathon now call Wellington home.

We each have careers that utilise our individual skills in fashion, graphic design, photography and sales. Kept is a collaborative collection of accessories designed and manufactured with a focus on quality over quantity.

Kept is our passion project.


Enduring Designs.

Our goal is to produce beautiful, quality accessories that never go out of fashion. We refine each design and colour combination until we’re satisfied we’ve achieved that goal.

We don’t release new products each week, month or season; we release them when they’re ready. 


Quality Materials.

We choose cashmere, cotton, leather, linen, wool and silk – beautiful natural materials, each with their own unique characteristics.

We believe that when it comes to the choice of raw materials, man-made is no match for mother nature (for many reasons, including the fact that at the end of their useable life, they will simply biodegrade).


Responsible Producers.

We partner with specialist manufacturers in Italy and Germany. All are multi-generational family businesses focussing on quality and craftsmanship.

We know their staff, and the environment, are treated with respect.


Kept Limited.

We’re a small business, producing products in very limited quantities.


Minimal Packaging.

Our packaging is designed to deliver your purchase to you safely, before being reused or recycled. Plain and simple.


Tread Lightly.

Enduring designs, quality materials, responsible producers and minimal packaging. We consider the impact of every decision.